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We've been around a long time.  We were the first Camera Club on Staten Island, known back in 1954 as the Color Camera Club of Staten Island.  A lot has changed over  the years and we have kept up with all the technology and have embraced the new Digital Age.  We welcome all photographers of all skill levels to join with us and share in our ideas, techniques and most of all our love of making Photographic Images.  Join us for a virtual meeting and experience us at our best.

Today, due to Covid we are 100% Digital and we meet on a virtual platform.  We employ Zoom as our vehicle and meet three times a month.  At our Virtual gatherings we foster the development of all our photographic talents by sharing our knowledge and experience with each other.  Everyone gets a chance to question, probe and discuss the topics we explore.  Everyone's comments and opinions are valued and cherished by one and all.

Please discover more about us in the pages that follow.

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