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As regular members we get to meet and socialize with other local photographers both amateur and professional on a regular basis.

The learning & mentoring begins through club meetings, Meet-Ups, field trips, photo competitions, workshops, seminars and social gatherings where we all have the opportunity to craft our skills and exchange ideas.

We also get to discuss photographic techniques and ideas, learn about new equipment, and explore photo opportunities that will challenge your skills and expand your horizons.

Meetings: Meet-Up with our membership. See our Meet-up schedule on

We also meet for Competitions once a month

Usually on the 3rd or 4th Thursday of the month.

We currently hold our Competitions on Zoom.  

Ask to be invited, use the contact form on  the Contact Us page and we will reply.

We'd love for you to attend and see our beautiful images..

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View our Slide Show. Click here!


Recent Shows: 3 Exhibits at Wagner College Spot Light Gallery -

"Best of the SI Camera Club", "Wide Eyed", & "Just We Four."

And more recently acclaimed "The Study of Light" held in the ART Lab Galleries at Sung Harbor Cultural Center.

Watch for future Exhibits and Events which are coming soon!


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