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Visit us and find out why visitors and competition judges call us “the friendly Staten Island Camera Club". 

Hint: we’re very friendly… and helpful, and we welcome newcomers. 

We like to share our knowledge with our friends, new and old, in order to make us all better photographers.

Membership Drive.

Contact us if you want to join our club:

We have Online Member Competitions monthly.  Competitions and meetings will all be Virtual.

Contact us for more details about our Zoom Events and Schedule.  Meeting are announced.

See our Schedule on the right for exact dates.  

Due to Covid-19 All events will be Virtual on Zoom, Contact us for an invite.

The following Club documents

are in PDF Format:

(Click on each to download them)

Why not join us for a Zoom Competition

email us for an invite.

Assigned Subject competitions are in addition to our monthly contests. You have the option to compete in Prints AND OR Digital.

The Assigned Subject can be entered as either a Monochrome or a Color image. 

Note: We can't guarantee that what you see on your computer’s display will be the same as what is displayed during competition. Since no two monitors will display colors the same way, even if both are calibrated, due to the manufacturer’s varying proprietary standards.

A Word About Competitions

  • The Staten Island Camera Club will run monthly member image competitions, where members compete and have their images critiqued by a professional judge.

  • Members can submit 2 images on-line at PCP (Contest Pro) in the Color category and 2 images in Monochrome (Black and White with or without one accent color). The basic intent is for members to receive qualified and constructive Criticism.

  • Many compete just for the benefit of obtaining this learning experience and furthering their artistic maturation.

  • Besides monthly open competitions in Color and Monochrome, we hold Assigned Subject Competitions with our monthly competitions. You can enter 2 images per As- signed Subject in Digital. You can enter your images as a color or mono, both will compete in the same contest.

  • It is up to the ​Judge to determine whether it meets the criteria of the theme of the Assignment. However, a maker can employ poetic license to fit the Assignment into their image. You may be safe in taking this license so as long as ¾ of the image is devoted to its perceived central Assigned Subject implications. 
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