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Why Not Consider Joining Us?

If joining or rejoining a Camera club is something you are interested in doing this is a great time to start, as our 2021 season is about to begin. We will be holding all our meetings virtually on Zoom, this season and for the foreseeable future. So if you are wary of being in large groups or not sure you want to venture out at night and or you just don't want to leave your home;  this might be a great opportunity to join the Staten Island Camera Club. And most of all we'd love to have you join. What's even better, we are offering a discounted membership to new members that join this month.
  • We will be offering monthly Image Critiques, where we share helpful tips and review images brought to the group for discussion. We also will do virtual training and helpful discussions regarding photography and editing images. Once a month members who wish to compete with others in photo competitions will receive valuable feedback from certified judges. What's more, if you compete you will be eligible to enter your images for Image of the Year in the Spring of 2021. Competing is not mandatory but encouraged as a learning and development process that will benefit almost any one who participates. Basically through Critique Sessions and Competitions you get to share your images with others and make possible the recognition they deserve.
  • If you are interested I can add your email address to our Google groups email, so you can keep getting our communications, but you need to let me know if that's OK. We will be resuming our virtual meetings in early January. Should you wish to attend and or want to join I can send you the particulars on how to access us through Zoom. Also, as you may know, we run a Meet-up Group and do have outdoor photo shoots practicing social distancing that you can participate in as a member.
  • I'm sure you have other questions so feel free to respond back and I will try my best to answer them.
  • Thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon.  Use the contact form below to do so. 
  • By the way - as I said, we are offering a discounted membership to new members that join this month. 

Self indulgence in any form of creative expression can leave you in a vacuum unless you are completely confident and never lack inspiration or need criticism. I don’t think I know very many people like that. Being a photographer, whether you do it for a living or as a hobby, is often something we think that should be done on your own. I often here, “I don’t want to come back with the same pictures as every one else.” Really, I never come back with the same picture as others. As creative people we all have different image making skills and points of view. Why not share them? There are many ways to meet other photographers and make friends. Local Meet-up Groups, camera clubs, online groups and forums . I’m sure if you go down to your local camera store and talk with the owner they would know other keen photographers they could introduce you to.

One recommendation I would strongly make and that is to hang out with other photographers who have a similar way of enjoying photography and like to share ideas and techniques. 

Membership matters. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer, joining a photography club is one of the best ways to improve your skills. The club can also be a good venue for meeting people who share the same interest as yours. You will not only form new friendships, you’ll also have fun while learning new things about a craft that you love.

We are currently conducting a Membership Drive. So why not contact us if you want to join our club and take your photography to the next level.

It’s easy to join! Come to a meeting and join with your cash or check.

Limited Time Annual dues: $75 per individual.

 To Join email us at

Or fill out the form below

First Name:

Last Name:




Club Officers for 2023-24

Dennis Arculeo, Co-Leader

Len Rachlin, Co-Leader

Carol Mayr, Treasurer

Mona Wexler & Shelley Levine Secretary

Competition Chairperson: Carol Mayr

Clix Editor: Dennis Arculeo

Webmaster: Michael Philip Arculeo

Honorary Board Members:  Sue Svane, Joe Sorge

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